Saturday, 17 May 2014

John Jappy: Scotland's Oil

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  1. It had to happen - a genuine whistle blower.
    let me explain. Up until a few months ago, everything I had seen on any form of media, showed politicians putting forward their opinions based solely on their own agenda.
    Then we all saw the video from a small hall somewhere in the Shetlands. That industry insider (wish I had written down his name) went through the summaries of the General Economic Report for Scotland. With his expert analysis it showed that Scotland has been duped for years into believing we could not go it alone.
    And now today I see this video from John Jappy.
    Now don't get me wrong, I am not stupid, over the decades, I have heard news reports which agree with the facts that John Jappy has put forward in this video. The difference for all of us is that now, someone who worked in the heart of Westminster's civil service, has decided that the truth comes before all else. Well done Mister Jappy. If it is possible for an independent Scotland to honour you with something like a knighthood, then I for one would be applauding.
    He certainly won't be getting anything like that from Westminster will he.